Lenny Letter,
What it’s like to be a female butcher
illustration: Kristen Liu Wong

Daily Mail,
Inspiring women to pick up a ‘dying trade’
photo: Tabasco brand

The independent,
17 bloody brilliant women share their proudest moments for International Womens’ Day

The Staff Canteen,
10 minutes with…
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Meet Jess, the butcher…
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The Amateur Table
Expert series, Q&A
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Episode 345
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The Caterer,
Are women changing the face of hospitality?
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Vice Munchies
Women make better butchers
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Weber Grills
Know your cuts
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How I fight sexism in a male dominated industry
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Pure Wow
A new memoir takes on butchery… from a female perspective
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Pure Wow
7 Books we can’t wait to read in August
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