Jessica E. Wragg, 26, is a Derbyshire born author living in London. A butcher for nine years, she’s been writing for considerably longer, and combines both as Online Operations Manager for London butchers Ginger Pig. Having just graduated her Creative MA with distinction, Jessica has written for numerous online publications (including VICE and Lenny Letter) but finds that her strength lies in short stories and prose. Through her work in butchery, she has taken part in a nationwide media campaign for Tabasco sauce, as well as short films with the BBC, Channel 4 and Jamie Oliver, and has been featured in the Daily Mail, The I Newspaper, and on BBC Radio 2. She is currently holed up in her flat in Brixton, working on her debut memoir Girl on the Block which will be published by Dey Street Books/Harper Collins in 2019. If she could, she would write everything in italics.